For those that haven’t figured it out, I'm an Apple Macintosh Fanatic!

And to polish it off, I've got one of these beauties:




To be honest I've owned a lot of Macs over the years. Try an Mac Plus, SE, Several LCs, LC2s and an LC III, 2 x IIci's, a Powerbook 190, PowerMac 7100/80, PowerMac 8100/80, a Performa 6360, a Powerbook 1400cs, a Powerbook 2400, several PowerMac 7200, several 7500 and 7600 machines, a Blue and White G3 300, A Quicksilver 733, a Mac Cube 450, A Titanium Powerbook 500, a clamshell ibook SE, a Titanium Powerbook 667, a Core Duo Black MacBook, a Core2Duo Mac Mini and PPC Mac Mini (which powers this site amongst others).