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Contract Auditor Inspections App    

Date: 2016-02-13
Employer: Housing NZ
Client: Housing NZ
Role: Team & Tech Lead Developer
Principal task: Development
Principal software used: Xcode, PhoneGap, Photoshop, Adobe Brackets
Production Method:

An HTML5, CSS3, Javascript based application written using PhoneGap technology and delivered for iOS 9 based iPads.

Built in 5 weeks, plus 3 weeks of system testing, bug fixing, UAT and training before release. 2 core contract developers hired to execute under my technical direction where needed. I assigned 2 other of my developers to help with some minor development, bug fixing, unit testing and integration testing. All developers reported to me, and ran them according to Agile principles. Ensured business were well prepared for development start.

I participated in some minor CSS work, identifying code from Tenancy Manager Annual Inspections app (most of which I'd written up to that point) to be recycled and performed most of the build and release functions for development, system testing, UAT and the production release - building up the release documentation and checklists needed for PVT tests.

Did the underlying Objective-C development for the Citrix MDM integration.

App uses SQLite, location services, camera, device data, file system (via GapFile) and cache control plugins.

Javascript frameworks used include JQuery, Mobile JQuery, Moment.js, Accounting.js.



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